Community Theater

Pacific Okinawa Players

Having an enjoyable show experience is the main idea behind these basic tips of theater etiquette.

Basic etiquette tips for the theater are:

1. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before curtain. However, if you arrive late, the house manager or an usher will be available to seat you.

2. Silence your cell and other electronic devices. If you forget to turn off your cell phone and it goes off during the performance, please turn it off immediately. If you must take the call, please do so in the lobby.  

3. Avoid unnecessary talking, whispering during the performance. Side noises are distracting to the performers and audience members and detract from the enjoyment of the show. 

4. Avoid eating and drinking during the performance. The sounds of candy wrappers, popcorn bags, soda cans, etc. tend to echo in the theater and cause distractions. Save the snacking for intermission. 

5. Out of consideration for the next audience member, please no feet on the seat in front of you.   

6. Performers appreciate enthusiastic applause. It lets them know how much you appreciate their hard work.  

7. Children: Introducing a child to live theater taps into their natural sense of curiousity and creativity. Prior to bringing you young child to a performance, prepare them by researching the show together beforehand so that they are familiar with the character and the story. Explain "theater manners" and the need to use their "inside voice."  Should your child get cranky during the show, kindly take them to the lobby so that other may enjoy the show.  

8. Flash Photography, Video Cameras, and other recording devices should not be used during a performance unless explicitly permitted by the show host. Use of such items violate Copyright Law.